Ray Brown is originally from Tallahassee, Fl., and moved to NYC in the 1980s where he became one of the founding members of the Antifolk movement. Following a decade-and-a-half hiatus from the scene, in 2010 he returned to the Sidewalk Café's open stage (breeding ground of Regina Spector, The Moldy Peaches, Beck, Jeffrey Lewis and many more) where he quickly cemented his legendary status with a new set of songs that would become the cult classic album 'Canyon'.

The East Village arts quarterly, BOOG CITY describes his songs as "funny and tragic at the same time" and The New Yorker dubbed him "a solid songwriter". 

A highly creative and vulnerable lyricist, Ray Brown is constantly adding new songs to his repertoire, a living poetic memoir of his life and times.

He has toured Europe multiple times, and recorded a Live Album in Dublin in October, 2016.

Ray's latest release is "Alfionn 2: Never Forgetti", features 9 tracks, recorded at Ailfionn Studios in  Dublin.

He will be returning to Ireland in April, 2020